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A small submarine from the Marine Department of Castilla & Leon region in Spain is sent on a special mission. The crew in Triton II will sail through the rivers of the region and cross the Atlantic Ocean to commemorate the Christopher Columbus Quest in 1492, when he discovered America under the Castilla crown. When the Captain opens the envelope with the secret orders, the situation begins to get out of control.

Production: Estirpe PC and the support of Spanish Film Institute (ICAA). 


Natalia: Alicia Rubio

Lucas: Jorge Monje


Director: Julio Suarez Vega
Screenplay: Julio Suarez Vega
Producer: Julio Suárez Vega, Estirpe PC
Production Design: Alejandro Suarez Lozano
Visual Effects Unit Director: Alejandro Suarez Lozano
Visual Effects: Alex Martín
Photography: Pablo Bürmann
Art: Satur Idarreta
Make up: Beatriz Rojas
Costume Design: Noelia Gaztelumendi
Editing & Postproduction: Marino Garcia
Sound: Willy Solana, Juan Ferro, Nico de Poulpiquet
Music: Pablo Vega

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