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Normandy, 1944. Private Wilson is on a mission in enemy territory. Hunted down and out of ammunition, Wilson suffers strange visions, catapulting him into the violence and madness of war.

22 international awards and over 150 festival selections.

Production: Estirpe PC
 and the support of Castilla y Leon Government and Spanish Film Institute (ICAA). 


Private Wilson: Victor Clavijo

Lieutenant Schneider: Juan Pajares

Also Starring: Grossdeutschland Historical Reenactment Association


Director: Alejandro Suárez Lozano
Screenplay: Alejandro Suárez Lozano with the collaboration of Juan Ferro
Executive Production: Juan Ferro
Producer: Julio Suárez Vega, Estirpe PC
First Assistant Director/Head of Production: Guillermo Navajo
Second Assistant Director: Pedro González Khun
Photography: Pablo Bürmann
Second Unit Photography: Elias Soto
Art: Miguel Riesco
Editor: Lucas Nolla
Visual FX: Alex Martín
FX: Juan Ramón Molina
Sound Design: Juan Ferro
Original Music: Pablo Vega


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